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Kestral Builders has been part of the greater community since 1978 we have had the privilege to work from as far as Scotland to Rugby,Renovating an old mill with new Extension This is a picture of me and a Colleague discussing what to do with the next stage of the dormer bungalow building for home owners and commercial ventures, Kestral Builders commitment to quality and good service, We offer design and build restoration and remodelling as well as conservatories and new extensions, as professional builders we represent the Nottinghamshire Construction industry supplying our clients with their needs.
Kestral Builders deliver a high quality design for our clients; the results are what our client love. In fact they become repeated clients and refer us to their friends as we have completed there project. For more information about our company and what our company can offer you, what ever your project is we can Help, please contact us today.

Renovation of a mill

Many people's dream home is to live in a rose cottage house, with the beams exposed and a roaring open fire, Exposing the beams is a fast route to creating character in your home. In this particular area the beams are new, giving the room the same feel of the original building,Restoring, Renovating, and re-modelling and old mill. were the beams are as they were when they built the mill. Understandably the feel of the original building When renovated, remodelling or restoring an old house back to life is a persona thing giving love back to the house for many years giving one a good feeling of satisfaction. those who are fortunate to have and old house, discovering the old beams above the ceiling which are supporting the floor joists above, bringing this old mill back to life after being a sleep for so many years was quite satisfying and rewarding. For our client and for us as builders. When renovating, remodelling or restoring an old house back to life you have to decide what is irreplaceable, what are the materials to use, making the repairs so that they will endure the life of the building and while you are living there? If you are looking to start a project why not contact us for advice.